Major Flooring Trends That You May Need for Your Project

Flooring trends evolve throughout the years as tile manufacturers adopt cutting-edge technology, enabling a greater variety of flooring designs. Flooring materials have increasingly received special treatment to be unique in design and texture. It is noticeable that practical yet stylish floor tiles have been in great favor recently, whether they are for commercial or residential purposes. Here is a sneak peek of six fashionable, contemporary flooring ideas that will make an instant statement and highlight your spectacular buildings.

Natural Colors

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Wood effect – Collections – Viglacera Tile

A crucial feature of the next decade is the shift towards the basics and expressing a natural and simple lifestyle. With an increasing emphasis on sustainability and ways to bring nature indoors, the trend for natural color floors will always be in high demand. Ceramic and porcelain tiles that bring in natural wood effect are more durable and waterproof, yet fully capable of capturing the characteristics of wood. The wood effect’ simplicity and comfort will provide a peaceful luxury that many households desire.

Concrete Effect Tiles

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Concrete effect – Collections – Viglacera Tile 

No longer considered cold and unappealing, concrete look tiles are now a part of the urban trend that have influenced various interior design styles. These concrete effect tiles have an industrial, weathered appearance, which simulate old concrete or cement surfaces in a variety of textures, colors, and finishes. This is not the only reason why they are becoming popular. They also create a contrast in design since they are made up of hues without any commitment to color, essentially acting as a blank canvas for both modern and classic styles.

Patterned Wood Tiles


Wood effect – Collections – Viglacera Tile

Wood-like porcelain and ceramic tiles carry the warmth and natural charm of wood without the installation and maintenance hassles. Above and beyond practical uses, these tiles can also be used for decorative purpose to reflect your aesthetics. Patterned wood designs should be added to your list of elegant flooring options if you are thinking about adding a unique touch for your places.

Marble Effect Tiles

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Marble effect – Collections – Viglacera Tile 

The look of marble is timeless. With beautiful swirling patterns, marble looks offer a gentle, dreamy appearance. However, marble can be unaffordable. Both classic and contemporary, marble effect ceramic tiles give a high-end, luxury look without costing you a fortune. Reflection can be achieved using crystal glaze polish, which creates an appearance of pure opulence. The distinctive shades of white, grey, beige and black, meticulously mirror those found in nature.


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Solid effect – Collections – Viglacera Tile 

Bright white ceramic tiles are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial facilities. White floor tiles, especially in large sizes, instantly make the space appear bigger. For a truly unique look, place these tiles in a space with plenty of natural light. White naturally reflects light, maximizing the sunlight and artificial light in the room for a brighter and more cheerful space. Another stunning thing about white flooring is how versatile it is with most home design styles, including modern, country, traditional, industrial, contemporary, and shabby chic.

Stone-Look Flooring

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Stone effect – Collections – Viglacera Tile

Stone looks are effortlessly stylish and one-of-a-kind. Granite, sandstone, and limestone can be skillfully reproduced to make them versatile. Stone effect designs can be handcrafted to perfectly reflect the unique patterns of real stone. The surfaces of real stone are carefully analyzed to achieve the most appealing and realistic end results. Natural stone surfaces can add instant appeal in any space, both indoors and outdoors.