Revolutionizing the tile industry

20mm technical porcelain tiles are made of meticulously perfected materials that can bear tremendous pressure on the tile’s body of up to 3300N/cm2, making the tile extremely hard.

This high quality product has a firing cycle that lasts twice as long as regular porcelain tiles, a method that produces tiles that outperform natural paving stones, granite, and regular porcelain tiles.

This process has created a water resistant finish with water absorption capacities of less than 0.1 percent, 30 times less than that of natural stone!

The innovations we made allow for a stronger and more damage-resistant structure that can withstand more than 1,000kg per regular tablet – making our product a must have in any large scale project that demands long lasting durability!

The power and roughness of nature are reflected in our 20mm porcelain Polar series, which features particles and flecks that have accumulated through time. This tile is excellent for outdoor use because to the mix of grain sizes and sturdy construction. R12 anti-slip surface is user-friendly.

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