Viglacera: 47 Years of Tremendous Growth Despite Challenges

2021 marks the 47-year journey of Viglacera in building and developing Vietnam’s building materials industry. Having experienced almost five decades of challenges, through changes in operating models, Viglacera changed vigorously from a small-scale enterprise to become a reputable corporation, a pioneering manufacturer in the field of building materials, and a leader in Vietnamese real estate investment. Viglacera now operates in all parts of the country and thrives to expand to the international market.

From Humble Beginnings


In early 1970s, as the fierce Vietnam War was still ongoing, one of the most urgent priorities included training a force of cadres and workers who would participate in production at Tu Liem, Thanh Hoa, and Pho Yen brick factories. These are the very first factories built by the Vietnamese with 300-400 cavity ring kilns and extruders. In 1973, Pho Yen Brick and Tile Technical Workers School was established, now known as Viglacera Vocational College, becoming one of the first units to train workers in bricks and tiles production and construction techniques.

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In 1974, Construction Ceramic Tiles Company was established under the decision of the Ministry of Construction. The company was born on the basis of merging 18 factories producing clay bricks and tiles with outdated technology and patchwork equipment. While battling with difficulties from the war, the Construction Ceramic Tiles Company, now named as Viglacera Corporation, started its journey with nothing but the hearts and minds of dedicated Vietnamese, who dreamt of revolutionizing the Vietnamese building materials industry.

To A Proud Vietnamese Brand, A Pioneer in Green Technology

Over decades of history and sustainable development, Viglacera now reaches its 47th year of magnificent and sustainable growth, becomes a proud Vietnamese brand, and a pioneer in green technology.

In 2020, Viglacera Corporation was voted as one of the most reputable building materials companies by Vietnam Report JSC. The recognition has proven Viglacera’s constant efforts to proactively apply world-class technology to the production of building materials. Viglacera also plays a strong emphasis on “green development” and promotes environmental sustainability via a variety of products (e.g., energy-saving glass, ultra-white glass used in the production of solar panels, AAC block, ALC panel, and sanitary wares with Nano antibacterial coating).

Viglacera has now reached the yearly revenue of $400 million milestone, expanding operations in two main areas: building materials (building glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles, sanitary ware, terracotta products), and real estate investment (industrial parks, residential areas, commercial centers). They commit to enhancing standards and constant investment in the latest advanced technologies to ensure high-quality products: from first-class equipment in production to specialist glazing technology, printing, and finishing.

Viglacera’s products have been exported to over 70 countries worldwide. By developing a global integrated logistics network, Viglacera built efficient supply chains to make their products available worldwide. Their distribution partners benefit from expanding their business with high-quality products and advancing their own distribution presence. Viglacera also works with market leading brands and companies to build a robust and long-lasting distribution network across the world.

Viglacera in the “New Normal”

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The COVID-19 outbreak starting in 2020 has been devastating to the global economy: businesses closures, mass layoffs, and many industries coming to a standstill. However, Viglacera remained strong to maintain stable production and business activities, while keeping employees safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the community. Although recent COVID-19 outbreaks in northern Vietnam negatively impacted Viglacera’s factories, with resilience and flexibility, Viglacera was able to make an outstanding profit of $30 million in the first six months of 2021, more than twice as much as their objective.

Even under challenging circumstances, the company has continuously shown support to their community, which has been their cultural tradition for 47 years, by providing food and necessities to those who are negatively impacted by the epidemic and workers who stay at factories.

The coronavirus with its variants still pose a threat on the economy, but with strong spirits and experiences for almost five decades, Viglacera would lead their community to overcome the unprecedented and adapt to the new normal.