In March, Viglacera had been accompanying the national movement against Covid-19 pandemic, the practical actions for which, was to sponsor handwashing-basins at big hospitals situated in Ho Chi Minh city. This is one of the activities in “The journey to Create a healthy living space” series launched by the Viglacera Sanitary Ware – Shower brand nationwide.

With a view to putting consumers’ health on top priority and desiring to create healthy living spaces for Vietnamese families, Viglacera is well aware of its role and responsibility in accompanying in public health missions, raising awareness and a sense of health protection in each person. Creating a clean living environment and developing healthy living habits such as starting a healthy diet, wearing masks in public places, washing hands proper, etc. is extremely important and necessary for each person to protect themselves and those around them.

Understanding the needs and the spirit of wishing to create a healthy living space for Vietnamese people with convenient products, joining with customers in improving life quality, Viglacera has taken the lead by starting “The journey to Create a healthy living space”. Accordingly, the first activity in the first phase of the campaign was to donate 200 sets of Antibacterial Sanitary Wares (including Washing-basins and Faucets) to hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City (Cho Ray, People 115, Nhi Dong 1 and Nhi Dong 2), contributing to the hospital’s activities to prevent Covid-19 pandemic and at the same time, encouraging teams of doctors, nurses and medical officers and patients, etc.

The campaign “Creating a healthy living space” is scheduled from March to December 2020. Following the sponsorship, Viglacera will also carry out other community activities such as; Making Viglacera Antibacterial Sanitary-Ware products available in public places in general and each family in particular.

Sharing opinions about the campaign “Creating a healthy living space”, Director of Viglacera Trading Joint Stock Company – Mr Nguyen Van Ly said: “Before the pandemic situation gets complicated, Viglacera hopes to contribute practically and effectively, and create the response of the whole society to generate more resources and join with the Government to fight against the pandemic. Maintaining a clean living environment is a necessary condition to ensure and improve the health and life quality of everyone. Launching “the Journey to create a healthy living space” program, Viglacera wishes to inspire the healthy living and commits to accompanying with Vietnamese people, providing many high-quality domestic products with international standards, proving that Viglacera is really a Vietnamese brand name for Vietnamese people.

Viglacera is also the first brand in the market to provide a comprehensive Antimicrobial Sanitary-Ware products, which were tested and certified by Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City to be capable of eliminating up to 89% harmful bacteria to users (killing 89.3% of bacteria S.typhi bacteria; 88.4% of E.coli bacteria; 86.3% of B.Cereus bacteria) including toilet, sanitary washing-basins to ensure the absolute aesthetic and antibacteria.