Viglacera and its 48-year journey proudly bring “Made in Vietnam” building materials to the world

Viglacera is the first enterprise to produce and supply synchronously all kinds of modern building materials in Vietnam, accompanying Vietnamese consumers in creating modern buildings. 48 years after its establishment, Viglacera has always affirmed its pioneering role in manufacturing building materials and investing in real estate business in Vietnam, striving to transform itself according to each change in history and market to become one of the brands that Vietnamese people are most proud of when talking about it.

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Established on July 25, 1974, Viglacera Corporation – Joint Stock Company during 48 years with countless changes has created “miracles” bearing the imprint of Viglacera – a strong and constant Vietnamese brand. reach out in the international arena.

Viglacera has completely transformed from a small-scale enterprise – Construction Porcelain Tile Company to become a Viglacera Corporation – JSC – A pioneer manufacturer in the field of Building Materials and Real Estate Business. That change comes from the enthusiasm, dedication, and right decisions of the Board of Directors of the Corporation and its member units as well as the contributions of many merits, energy, wisdom, and passion from generations of employees of the Corporation.

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Mr. Nguyen Quy Tuan – Chairman of the Corporation’s Trade Union on behalf of the Board of Directors gave a welcome speech at the meeting

Up to now, Viglacera is a leading brand in the field of building materials, with more than 8,000 employees and exported to more than 40 countries around the world. Viglacera is also the only building material manufacturing enterprise nominated by Vietnam to attend and was honored in the highest category: World Class Award for large production in the Asia International Quality Award – Pacific. At the end of 2021, Viglacera also entered the Top 20 manufacturers of ceramic tiles and the Top 30 largest manufacturers of sanitary ware in the world.

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Mr.Dinh Quang Huy – Former General Director of The Corporation shared at the meeting

072522 48 nam 4 1Mr.Nguyen Ba Khien – Former Chairman of Corporation’s Trade Union, Head of Retirement Liaison Committee of The Corporation shared at meetings

The key to Viglacera’s survival and development through many changes in the market lies in always pioneering the latest and most advanced technology to bring diverse experiences to consumers. Products of Building Glass, Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary Ware, Panels, and Aerated Concrete Brick are applied with “green” technology, the world’s most advanced production line, which is expected to become a belief soon. proud of high-quality Vietnamese products of consumers in the domestic market as well as in fastidious markets such as Japan, USA, EU…

Viglacera’s 48-year event with the presence of generations of leaders of the Corporation and its member units was held in a warm and emotional atmosphere. The stories are reviewed from a heroic past of the previous generations, creating a solid foundation for Viglacera today.

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The meeting was also an opportunity for the Board of Directors as well as all Viglacera employees to look back at the memories from the first day of establishment, share the joy, pride and determination to make Viglacera Corporation – JSC become a growing stronger, achieving more success, reaching new heights, reputable brand with effective investment activities, increasing value for shareholders through diversified high-quality products.

The annual meeting on the occasion of the establishment of the company is the annual occasion of Viglacera leaders through the periods, demonstrating Viglacera’s tradition and culture. This fine tradition has always been maintained and preserved, a beauty in the tradition of “When you eat a fruit, think of the man who planted the tree” of the Vietnamese people.

Some pictures from the meeting:

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