Sanitary ware technology

We have been vigorously investing in R&D to innovate the technology, which makes us the pioneering Vietnamese brand to penetrate overseas to more than 70 countries.

Nano Titanium enamel technology

Nano Titanium is Viglacera’s exclusive enamel according to European technology, first present in Vietnam. The silver-coated Nano Titanium enamel layer has both antibacterial and anti-adhesive properties and is self-cleaning. In particular, the vitrified enamel layer is firmly attached to the surface of the product, keeping the glaze long-lasting and resistant to being washed away.

Turbo Vortex exhaust technology

Viglacera’s Turbo Vortex is a powerful exhaust technology that limits noise. The discharge force comes from 3 factors: the exhaust system creates a tornado in the bowl of the toilet, the jet propels the waste and the vortex suction siphon effect sucks up even light suspended dirt, fast discharge efficiency. and thoroughly.

Semi Rimless

Semi Rimless with advanced rim design, smooth, water-free, does not create slots. This is Viglacera’s improved effort on sanitary ware, helping to prevent bacteria from multiplying, limiting odors and making it easy for users to clean.